About Me

Hi, I’m Faiz (pronounced fez). I’m a Computing major in the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara. I currently work as a research assistant at Stanford’s RegLab on a number of NLP efforts in the legal domain.

In the field of computer science, my current interests include network analysis, scalable systems, and natural language processing. Currently, I’m focused on Lexcaliber, a suite of network- and NLP-based recommendation and analyis algorithms to understand the law empirically. In that vein, I am an active contributor to the Free Law Project’s suite of open-source legal research tools. You can find more of my work scattered across this website and my GitHub account.

Outside of computer science, I’m a dedicated effective altruist. Since 2020, I’ve been a member of and volunteer for Giving What We Can, for which I work on various writing and data science projects. I’m also passionate about public policy and constitutional law. My recent writing in these areas includes articles on religious liberty, copyright, and affirmative action law. Additionally, I co-founded and led UCSB’s championship-winning undergraduate moot court team and co-authored a fictional moot court case problem centered around the Free Exercise Clause and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If you have an interesting opportunity or good book recommendation, I’d love to hear from you.