About Me

Hi, I’m Faiz (pronounced fez). I’m currently a Computing major in the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara.

In the field of computer science, my current interests include scalable systems, human-centered design, and Racket, a Lisp dialect. In addition to internships, my projects (past and present) include DrDocx, a computer science education research tool, an automated tabulation system for mock trial tournaments, and various data science projects among other things. For a full list, check out the homepage of this website.

Outside of computer science, I’m also passionate about public policy and constitutional law. My recent writing in these areas includes articles on religious liberty and antitrust law. In addition, I’ve written academic analyses of climate-oriented foreign aid plans, Fourth Amendment jurisprudence, and election law. I also co-founded and lead UCSB’s undergraduate moot court team, which recently won a national championship in the AMCA appellate brief competition.

This website is created with Pollen, an open-source publishing system built in Racket. As much as I’m enjoying Racket, I can’t take credit for the incredible work done by Joel Dueck, whose try-pollen project provides much of the code powering this website.

If you have an interesting opportunity or good book recommendation, I’d love to hear from you.